Upcoming Events
Stag Shop Jeopardy
Address: 1548 Dundas Street. East
Details: Welcome to Stag Shop Jeopardy July 27 and 28th. Correctly answer questions based on sexual health and safety with a focus on adult fun and save up to 25% off your purchase on non-restricted items. Question categories begin with $100 questions worth a 10% discount up to the $500 question round worth a 25% discount. Ask a store associate for game details and restrictions.
Associated Store: London 1
Back Door
Address: 6443 Lundys Lane Niagara Falls
Details: Explore the back door, Stag Shop’s strap on and anal sex seminar and sale. July 27th and 28th from 12pm to 8pm. Save 20% off strap ons and anal toys during the event, (some restrictions may apply). Learn how to make anal sex more pleasurable, which lubes to use, when to use them, what toys to use and when you want to use them. Find the right strap on and learn how to properly use it
Associated Store: Niagara Falls 2
Indulge Your Senses
Address: 7637 Lundys Lane. Niagara Falls
Details: Indulge Your Senses. July 29th 6pm to 9pm. A night full of experiences designed to show you how to indulge all of your senses. Taste, touch, scent, sight, and sound. Save 20% off select items, related to seminar. We will discuss using blind folds to remove sight and heighten your other senses; using music to set the mood or reading a few erotic passages. Lean how to use touch to increase intimacy and the effective visual stimulation of lingerie. Learn about lubes, body powders and oils as well as massage candles to excite the senses with scent, touch and taste.
Associated Store: Niagara Falls 1
Address: 2950 Dougall Ave. Windsor
Details: KNOW YOUR LUBES SEMINAR August 10th from 6pm to 10pm. Learn the benefits and diversity of lubricant. Save 20% off any bottle of lube during the event. We will explain the difference between water based, silicone and hybrid lubricant. Discuss the difference in lube consistency, thick vs thin; the uses as well as the benefits of each type, and what they can and cannot be used with. We will have Demonstrations of specialty types of lube ie: Numbing, warming, flavored ect.
Associated Store: Windsor
LUBE 101
Address: 890 Upper James Street
Details: Lube 101 Learn all about lube August 8th 7pm to 9pm and SAVE 20% off any bottle of lube during the event. Learn the difference between water, silicone and oil based lubricants. Feel all of our most popular lubes and learn the benefits of each type. Learn the different ways to use them and the best applications for toys, sex, etc….!
Associated Store: Hamilton 2