What is a Product Replacement Plan?

Stag Shop’s Product Replacement Plan goes beyond most manufacturers’ warranties by off ering you additional benefi ts throughout the entire coverage period you select, without hidden fees or deductibles. Please see the terms and conditions for complete coverage information.

The Product Replacement Plan ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your purchase with comprehensive coverage from the day you buy your product. Simply purchase the plan that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits.

Replacement Guarantee

You will have peace of mind knowing that your product will be replaced. The product will be replaced with the same item purchased. No substitutions for other products permitted. Should the product you purchased be unavailable or discontinued, it will be substituted with a comparable product of the same value. Only one (1) replacement product will be granted during the term option selected. Once the product is replaced, the Product Replacement Plan is no longer active. Replacements are granted at the discretion of Stag Shop depending on product availability.

General Exclusions:
  • Replacement necessitated by any causes other than normal usage and operation of the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, including but not limited to, theft, exposure to weather, moisture and other environmental conditions, negligence, accidental or intentional physical damage, misuse, abuse, improper cleaning and unauthorized repairs.
  • Replacements will not be authorized if the product is not properly stored. You are responsible for the proper storage and care of your product.
  • Replacements will not be authorized if the toy functions properly, but you are just not satisfied with it.
Specific Exclusions:

Cancellation: We may cancel this plan at anytime on the basis of (a) fraud or misrepresentation; (b) an unauthorized repair of a product. You cannot return your Product Replacement Plan for refund or exchange at any time. If the Product Replacement Plan is cancelled, we will honour your existing plan until it’s expiry date.

Stag Shop reserves the right to make changes to the terms & conditions of the Product Replacement Plan, including the term and price options, at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I buy a Product Replacement Plan in-store?
Simply ask for the Product Replacement Plan when you purchase your product and choose the term option that is best suited for you.
When does my Product Replacement Plan start?
Your Product Replacement Plan will begin on the date of purchase.
When does my Product Replacement Plan expire?
The date your Product Replacement Plan will expire is dependent on the length of the term option purchased. If you purchase a 12 month plan, your plan will expire exactly 1 year from the purchase date.
Is the Product Replacement Plan renewable?
Stag Shop does not off er a renewal program at this time. However, you do have the option to purchase a new replacement plan on any replaced product.
May I return my Product Replacement Plan?
You cannot return or exchange your Product Replacement Plan.
What documentation is included?
You will be given your Product Replacement Plan at the time of purchase, which includes the plan’s terms and conditions and expiry. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Product Replacement Plan has been added to your receipt before leaving the store. The store will not keep your plan on file.
How do I return my product if it’s defective?
Simply package your product with your original receipt, all product components, and your Product Replacement Plan documents and return to the store where the product was purchased.
Terms and Conditions
By purchasing this Product Replacement Plan, you understand and accept the following terms and conditions.
  • Product Eligibility: Only products purchased at Stag Shop are eligible for the Product Replacement Plan, with the exception of clearance products. All receipts are required for any replacement.
  • Duration of Plan: Coverage commences on the original product purchase date and will expire on the date noted on the original purchase receipt. Your product and all of its components must be received by us on or before the expiry date, or it becomes void.
  • Manufacturer’s Responsibility: The Product Replacement Plan compliments but does not replace the manufacturer’s replacement plan. Parts and services covered by the manufacturer’s replacement plan are the responsibility of the manufacturer only. During the term of the manufacturer’s replacement plan, the Stag Shop Product Replacement Plan provides additional benefits for which the manufacturer does not provide coverage.
  • Coverage: The Product Replacement Plan covers manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship that reveal themselves in normal usage. The purchased product will only be replaced for the same product. No substitutions for other products are allowed. Stag Shop reserves the right to decide whether the product should be replaced.
  • Power Surge Protection: The Product Replacement Plan provides power surge coverage on vibrators from the date of purchase of the product.